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Aibidia is always in search of new awesome team members. We only hire superheroes who share our values. To help you decide if Aibidia is the place for you, we want to be open about who we are and how our values are present in our work.

At the moment we are looking for:

  • Account Executives

If you’re keen to learn more, please contact our HR Advisor Anniina Tchernych at  or talent acquisition partner Kati Hautakoski at . You can also submit an open application or contact us via the links below:

Start-up on a mission

Help us lead a revolution

Aibidia is a start-up on a mission to revolutionize transfer pricing. Our platform helps companies and tax authorities optimize all aspects of transfer pricing, from documentation to analytics. We are bringing AI and automation to this critical finance function, which has traditionally been burdened by the enormous workload of creating hundreds of thousands of pages of documentation each year. Our expertise and technology will enable our customers to focus on value and insight.

Big seats at the table

We are experts, and we are always learning. We deliver, and we always strive for growth

At Aibidia, we value curiosity as much as knowledge, and celebrate even the smallest step forward while keeping an eye out for long-term results. We have created an environment where every day is challenging and rewarding, and every member of our team has a big seat at the table.

Trust, kindness and respect

Community, Happiness & Customer Centricity

To be able to maintain the atmosphere of learning and drive we are building a work community that is based on trust, kindness, and respect. And fun! Let’s not forget the importance of having fun and happy people around you. Of course, as a startup, we work hard, really hard. But we have fun while working and we never forget the importance of work-life flexibility.

And last but not least, the center of our universe is the customer. We keep the client in mind in all steps of our journey.

Job opportunities

Does this sound appealing to you?

If yes, don’t hesitate, we are eager to hear from you!