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Welcome to the Local File Automation Roadmap, your comprehensive guide designed to help multinational enterprises (MNEs) streamline and optimize the preparation of their local transfer pricing files using advanced technology.

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Meet the author

Borys Ulanenko is a Digital Transfer Pricing Expert. Borys has more than 10 years of experience in transfer pricing, with a background in industry and consulting. In addition to advising Aibidia, Borys is the founder of the educational platform StarTax Education and the AI-driven solution


What is Aibidia?

Aibidia is the global leader in digital transfer pricing management and has the world class multinational team of tax lawyers, economists, data scientists and software developers. Together we pioneered the digital transfer pricing category 5 years ago when we created the methodology to transform international tax law into code. That resulted in the Digital Transfer Pricing Taxonomy 1.0 and the ability to run cross-functional TP processes on data and intelligence. 

The Aibidia® TXM

The Aibidia® TXM, the Digital Transfer Pricing Execution Management System provides multinationals, professional services firms and tax authorities a modern way to execute and manage cross-border transactions and business activities on data and intelligence. The solution covers all global transfer pricing compliance and operational processes offering a complete suite of digital transfer pricing solutions and applications.