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Streamline Your Transactional Data with Aibidia

The Aibidia Solution

The Challenge: Managing Transactional Data in Transfer Pricing

In the world of transfer pricing, managing detailed transactional data is an overwhelming task. Not only do companies have to deal with a large volume of data, but inconsistencies in formats, time-consuming manual work, complex mapping, and a lack of structured data can lead to a severe lack of accuracy and up-to-date data.

Introducing Data Studio: Your Solution

Data Studio by Aibidia is designed to alleviate these pain points by automating and streamlining your transfer pricing data management. With intuitive mapping, advanced technology, and seamless integration capabilities, Data Studio makes managing transactional data simple and efficient.



Improve accuracy and consistency in your transactional data.

Streamline your workflows and increase efficiency.

Empower tax professionals to take full control of data workflows.

Save time and resources in managing and analyzing data.

Data Studio

Key Features

Seamless Importing and Transformation

Easily import raw transactional data for transformation and analysis.

Custom Mapping and

Define unique mapping tables and transformation logic to aggregate your data.

Data Review and Validation

Verify the accuracy of your transformed data.

Audit trail to source data

Maintain full visibility and traceability, allowing users to trace aggregated transactions back to their original raw source data.

Integration with TP Doc

Sync your final transactions with Aibidia TP Doc for further analysis.

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