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How it works

What will I be able to do with Aibidia's CbC tool?

1​. Quick start

If you already have your CbC report prepared, just drag and drop the XML file in the “Quick Start” section. You can read your CbC report, access unique analytics and insights. Wear tax authorities’ glasses and proactively identify risk areas.

2​. Create CbC report from scratch

Don’t have a CbC report yet? Not a problem! Go through relevant steps in “Entity Data” and Country-by-Country Data”, input necessary information, and generate the CbC report in the “Validate and Convert” step!

What is Aibidia?

The Global Leader in Digital Transfer Pricing

Aibidia is the global leader in digital transfer pricing management and has the world class multinational team of tax lawyers, economists, data scientists and software developers. Together we pioneered the digital transfer pricing category 5 years ago when we created the methodology to transform international tax law into code. That resulted in the Digital Transfer Pricing Taxonomy 1.0 and the ability to run cross-functional TP processes on data and intelligence.

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