The Aibidia Platform

Connect the data,
control your business

Effectively collect data, cooperate with other teams and partners, and manage every element of your transfer pricing – all in one place. Because smart tax management is smart business management.

Platform diagramPlatform diagram


Minimize time wasted on automatable manual tasks, and cut costs by reducing reliance on expensive local consultants.


your ETR

Set parameters that align with your company strategy, then manage your transfer pricing to optimize your ETR accordingly.


tax risk

Reduce potential tax risks with fully compliant documentation, audit-ready data trails, and the visibility to preemptively manage potential tax issues.

Transform your approach to transfer pricing now

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The Abidia Platform

Work as a single team,
from a single source of truth.

The Aibidia platform connects all of your company’s data, plus trusted third-parties’, in one central hub. It provides a singular common language, allowing teams across organisations and jurisdictions to collaborate. So you can manage every element of your transfer pricing in-house, on-platform.

Connecting Aibidia across the company


Sync with the
TP team

Know exactly what your transfer pricing team needs, and when. Provide what’s required in a structured and transparent way.


Incorporate legal frameworks

Ensure the intercompany legal framework is properly implemented, organized, and executed.


Easy IT

Empower your tax team with a secure, certified platform that doesn’t require lengthy IT implementation.

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