Introducing Aibidia® TXM

The world's first digital transfer pricing platform

Aibidia® TXM Overview

Welcome to the future of
[Digital] Transfer Pricing

Discover the Aibidia TXM Platform and our digital transfer pricing applications,
eliminating billions of euros in tax inefficiencies and risks.

Aibidia® TXM Documentation

Automate your transfer pricing compliance while improving the quality and coverage

Create TP reporting in one click:

  • Local File
  • Master File
  • Country-by-Country Reporting
  • Value Chain Analysis
Aibidia® TXM Analytics

Get valuable insights into your transfer pricing arrangements and risks, real-time

Aibidia® TXM Administration

Set up robust and fluent transfer pricing processes

Aibidia® TXM Control

Get 100% control over your transfer pricing

Aibidia® TXM Data

Establish a sound and aligned data foundation for your global transfer pricing

Aibidia ® TXM impact

Our customers are seeing the impact

100 %

Global Compliance

90 %

Reduced time-to-comply

80 %

Cost Reduction

Aibidia Customer Stories

We help businesses to remain on top of their compliance

Discover how we help businesses to remain 100% compliance, improving processes and centralize transfer pricing knowledge.

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Aibidia® TXM applications

Applications follow the transactions

Aibidia TXM Apps empower your tax, finance and legal teams to apply data and intelligence to how they design, run, document and defend their global transfer pricing policies — without having to change the underlying ERP or other operational systems.​

Transfer Pricing Data Management

Store, manage and access all your transfer pricing data centrally​. Build the foundation for your data-driven and future-proof transfer pricing processes.

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Country-by-Country Reporting

Instant CbC XML report and tax risk analysis. Complete CbC reporting solution to comply with your worldwide CbC reporting requirements and help you understand the tax risks.

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Transfer Pricing Documentation

Store, manage and access all your transfer pricing data centrally​. Gain global compliance and refocus your resources from ad-hoc manual chores to value adding activities​.

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Value Chain Analytics

Robust support for your tax policies through quantified value chain analysis​. Build a quantified and visual global “tax pie” without an extensive consultation project.

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Group Cost Allocation

Automate your Group cost charge calculations and allocations. Automate, analyze, adjust and document your Group cost allocations.

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Royalty Calculations​

Automate your royalty calculation process. Automate, analyze, validate and adjust your royalty calculations.

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Intra-Group Finance

One solution to manage and report your internal finance transactions​. Plan, benchmark, analyze, monitor and set pricing for your intra-group financial transactions​.

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Operational Transfer Pricing

Manage your intragroup margins and make transfer pricing a profit center​. Be in control of the profitability and arm’s length pricing of your internal transactions​.

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Define what is arm’s length. Substantiate your pricing decisions in all cross-border business processes. 

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