segmented p&L

Seamlessly segment your P&Ls

P&L segmentation is a critical task – but it’s also complex and time-consuming. Aibidia streamlines then automates the process, so it is simpler than ever.


Automated segmentation

Save time with automated P&L segmentation – and improve accuracy, too.


Real risk reduction

Minimize human errors and get audit-ready through full P&L segmentation transparency.


Valuable insights, valuable savings

Benefit from real-time data analytics to inform strategic decision-making and streamline tax.


Segmenting a P&L in 3 steps:

Step 0

Import Data

Integrate or import your financial accounts and allocation data. We connect directly with your ERP, accept spreadsheets and databases – so gathering data takes mere minutes.

Step 0

Segment P&L

Automatically segment P&L data based on recommended rules and mappings. Our solution makes suggestions on things like overhead allocation, but gives you the flexibility to change them – or even introduce your own.

Step 0

Monitor and adjust

Continuously monitor segmented business results to see if they align with your transfer pricing policy. Find and understand any deviations, and make data-driven decisions on how to adjust as necessary.


Effortlessly segment your P&Ls with the Aibidia platform.


Flexible P&L segmentation

Our automated segmentation is customized to your transfer pricing models, policies, and allocation logic.


Real-time monitoring

Monitor your P&L through real-time visualization and tracking of high-risk transactions – enabling you to take proactive measures if needed.


Forecasting and planning

Automated forecasting allows for early detection of year-end tax risks. That facilitates better planning and smarter decision-making.

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