Employee stories: Borys Ulanenko


Employee stories: Borys Ulanenko

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Employee stories: Borys Ulanenko


Meet Borys Ulanenko, a Digital Transfer Pricing Category Lead at Aibidia. He focuses on defining a new digital transfer pricing category, developing transfer pricing applications, and contributing to marketing.

Hi Borys! Tell about yourself and your background.

My name is Borys Ulanenko, and I am a digital transfer pricing expert at Aibidia. I’ve worked in transfer pricing for the last 10 years, both in advisory and in-house. I originally come from Ukraine, and I have lived in Poland for the last 7 years.

How’s your current role at Aibidia? What does a typical day in your role look like?

First of all, I work remotely from Poland and travel to Helsinki once a month to meet the team face-to-face.

Every working day is unique, but there are some patterns - I usually have catch-ups with our product team, where we brainstorm new product ideas. I also regularly connect with marketing folks, and we come up with new marketing materials. I also try to reserve at least 4 hours a day for deep work - it’s crucial for generating new ideas and creating valuable content and product specifications.

What attracted you to join Aibidia?

Aibidia is a unique company - it brings together the transfer pricing world, where I belong, and the start-up world, which is very interesting and exciting for me. It also has great founders, a unique team, and products. It was a no-brainer if I should join Aibidia 🙂 **

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here?

Even before I started working for Aibidia, they invited me to join their integration event in Lapland. That’s when I met the team and realized these are great bright people with whom I’d love to work. Never regretted my decision.

What keeps you waking up every morning and motivates you?

I really feel the impact of my work - when I come up with a new idea or solution, it gets built and scales very quickly - so I can make the world better.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud of some fundamental changes that I brought to Aibidia - like the content production process, knowledge management, and new product ideas. I feel like those changes will have a long-term positive impact on the company.

What’s something that happened that can only happen here at Aibidia?

We sometimes discuss new ideas in the sauna. Quite a unique experience for someone from outside Finland 🙂

Where have you seen our company values in action?

Aibidians are free to speak up, regardless of their position in the company. Every voice is heard, and we value the idea's substance, not where it comes from.

How do our company values align with your own?

Another value that is crucial for me is integrity. Telling the truth and acting ethically in every situation is very important to me, and I appreciate that it’s in Aibidia’s DNA.

What would you like to say to your peer TP experts who are considering a career in digital transfer pricing?

First of all - digitalization is unavoidable, so being at the forefront is a strategically smart career choice.

At the same time, it’s also a very interesting and rewarding industry where you can grow and develop unique skills like data management, prototyping, and even programming.

And you shouldn’t be afraid of it - learning materials nowadays are great, and you don’t need technical IT background to become a digital TP expert.

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Meet the authors

Borys Ulanenko
Advisor to Aibidia and ArmsLength AI founder

Borys Ulanenko is a Digital Transfer Pricing Expert. Borys has more than 10 years of experience in transfer pricing, with a background in industry and consulting. In addition to advising Aibidia, Borys is the founder of the educational platform StarTax Education and the AI-driven solution

Borys is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others. He loves explaining complex transfer pricing concepts in simple words and sharing his expertise with Aibidia and the tax community. He sees his mission in demystifying transfer pricing and making this exciting area of international tax available to everyone.